Policies, Documents and Forms

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pdfLegal Postings
pdfReasonable Accommodation Request
pdfRecruitment Process
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pdf1992 Original Purpose and Goal Intergovernmental Agreement
pdf2006 IGA Amended & Restated
pdf2013 IGA Amended and Restated
pdf1998 Quit Claim Deed
pdf2014 Joint Powers Airport Authority Agreement - Amended & R...
pdf2007 Airport Authority Bylaws
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pdfAirport Minimum Standards (Res. 24-17)
pdfPrimary Legal Counsel (Res.18-42)
pdfAdvertising Agreement Delegation (Res.17-50)
pdfBond Compliance Procedure (Res. 12-20)
pdfBudget (Res. 15-04)
pdfCommercial Real Estate Brokers & Agents (Res. 15-04)
pdfInvestment (Res. 20-47)
pdfAgreement Approval Authority (Res. 16-47)
pdfAirport Rules and Regulations (Res. 23-01)
pdfAir Service Incentive Program (Res. 16-58)
pdfAirport Rates & Charges (Res. 23-64)
pdfProcurement (Res.22-01)
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 Document Name 
pdfAirport Rates & Charges (Res. 23-64)
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 Document Name 
pdfAirport Fees Services & Rental Rates
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 Document Name 
pdfPMGAA Fuel Storage Dispensing Handling Guidelines
pdfFly Your Drone Responsibly
pdfPMGAA_CUSE Procedures 22-01 20220420
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pdfAirport Design Guidelines
pdfDesign Review Request Form 2023-07
pdfTenant Improvement Request Form 20230710
pdfBuilding Development Design Theme - Desert Tech Arch
pdfDesign Review Committee Approved Color Palette
pdfLandscape Master Plan
pdfPMGAA Comprehensive Sign Plan
pdfDesign Review Submittal Checklist
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pdfNortheast Development Area Environmental Assessment Final
pdfSkyBridge Arizona Concept Master Plan
pdfFAA FONSI Mesa SkyBridge EA 03 27 2020
LinkSkyBridge Arizona Environmental Assessment
pdfPMGAA Airport Master Plan Executive Summary June 2020
pdf2017 Airport Land Use Compatibility Plan Update
pdfPublic Airport Disclosure Map and Avigation Notice
pdfAir Traffic Control Tower Siting Study
pdfFAA Finding of No Significant Impact (FONSI) for Airport Tr...
pdfFinal Airport Traffic Control Tower Environmental Assessment
pdfAirport Layout Plan
LinkAirport Master Plan Adopted June 2020
pdfGateway East Master Plan
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 Document Name 
PDFFAA Letter Environmental Assessment for the Phoenix Metropl...
pdfGateway's Response to FAA Metroplex Project Letter
pdfFAA_Response to PMGAA comments
pdf201505_letter to Falcon airport from FAA
pdfCity of Chandler Letter to FAA-Phx Metroplex EA 04-27-2015
pdfFAA Letter on Metroplex_20160120_151623
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pdfCriminal History Records Check Form
pdfBadge Recovery Worksheet
pdfAgreement Application August 2018
pdfPublic Records Request
pdfCompany Security Media Authorization_20220718
pdfKey Application 20240208
pdfBadge Return Form
pdfAircraft Hangar Space Rental Agreement
pdfAircraft Tie Down Space Rental Agreement
pdfPMGAA Parking Card Application
pdfSecurity Badge Application
pdfTitle VI Complaint Form
pdfADA Complaint Form
pdfTitle VI Poster
pdfTitle VI Program
pdfCommunity Participation Plan
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pdfEconomic Impact Study 2013
pdfAnnual Financial Report FY23
pdfSingle Audit Report FY23
pdfAnnual Financial Report FY22
pdfAnnual Financial Report FY20
pdfSingle Audit Report FY20
pdfAnnual Financial Report FY21
pdfSingle Audit Report FY21
pdfPMGAA Strategic Business Plan 2021
pdfSingle Audit Report FY22
pdfPFC Compliance Report FY20
pdfPFC Compliance Report FY21
pdfPFC Compliance Report FY22
pdfPFC Compliance Report FY23
pdfTraffic Counts FY20
pdfTraffic Counts FY21
pdfTraffic Counts FY22
pdfTraffic Counts FY23
pdfTraffic Counts FY24
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pdfHow To Do Business With Gateway
pdfSmall Business Resources
pdfACH Request Form
pdfPurchase Order Terms and Conditions
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