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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: September 16, 2019

Transportation is linchpin of thriving regional economy

As Chairman of the Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport Authority Board of Directors, I was honored to learn that PMGAA’s Board was named Arizona Capitol Times 2019 Leader of the Year in Public Policy for the Transportation Category. Transportation is a linchpin of every thriving regional economy and Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport is proud to play an increasing role in Greater Phoenix’s multi-modal transportation system.

Airports are economic engines for the regions they serve; creating jobs, facilitating commerce, and providing convenient connectivity to the global marketplace. The emergence of Gateway Airport represents billions of dollars in economic benefit each year for Arizona and Greater Phoenix.

Robert Stone

Robert Stone

Area businesses continue to reap the benefits as record numbers of air travelers choose Gateway Airport to access the region for sun-filled vacations, frequent business trips, or reunions with family and friends. More than 850,000 passengers landed at Gateway Airport last year. These visitors spend a significant amount of money during their stay on ground transportation, lodging, food & beverage, retail purchases, entertainment, and area attractions. This increased activity creates more jobs, the consumption of more local goods, and the need for more local services. Everybody wins when Arizona’s tourism industry thrives.

Gateway Airport contributes more to the local economy than millions in visitor spending. Our Airport is a 3,000-acre commercial development project that is home to many leading global companies including Cessna, Embraer, Textron, and Intel just to name a few. More than 2,500 people currently work “on-airport” in high-wage and high-skill jobs encompassing many diverse industries. The Airport has become a magnet for original equipment manufacturer and maintenance, repair, and overhaul companies interested in growing their business and their profits.

In 2017, PMGAA created a Strategic Business Plan that serves as a blueprint for the Airport’s continued growth and success. This multifaceted plan includes organizational goals to increase commercial air service, develop available land, strengthen community relationships, ensure financial sustainability, invest in people, and build and maintain airport facilities and infrastructure. This plan is designed to maximize the future potential of our growing Airport while emphasizing the importance of being a good neighbor and community partner.

Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport is soaring to new heights, increasing its regional economic contribution, and fulfilling an important role in Greater Phoenix’s growing transportation system.

Robert Stone is Lt. Governor of Gila River Indian Community and chairman of the Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport Authority.