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Use this form to request a public record from Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport Authority (“PMGAA”) under A.R.S. § 39-121.03. To assist PMGAA in its effort to process your request, please be specific when identifying the document or record.


A.R.S. § 39-121.03
The public body may charge a fee it deems appropriate for obtaining the original or copies of the documents, printouts or photographs, including a reasonable amount for the cost of time, equipment, and personnel used in producing such reproduction. In the case of requests for commercial use, the value of the reproduction on the commercial market as best determined by the public body will be included in the fee. The PMGAA fee schedule is reflected in PMGAA’s Airport Fees, Services and Rental Rates. Records or parts of some records may not be subject to public dissemination under Arizona law. PMGAA will notify you if the releasing of the record is restricted under law, or if parts of the record requested will be redacted. Once the requested information has been gathered, an invoice will be generated. Upon confirmation of payment, the information will be emailed via a 30-day link.

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STATEMENT: I understand that the copy or other reproduction of the public record which I have requested is to be used solely for the purposes as stated on this form. I declare that such copies or reproductions will not be used directly or indirectly for a different purpose other than prescribed on this form. I understand that copying and/or postage fees may be associated with my request.

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