Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the most frequently asked questions about traveling in or out of Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport. Please click the heading to expand the questions. If you still need answers, you can message us on Facebook, Instagram, or the Google Maps app. If you have feedback on your parking and terminal experience, you can complete the form on our Feedback page.


What is the address for the terminal?

The Charles L. Williams passenger terminal is located at 6033 South Sossaman Road, Mesa, AZ 85212.

How many terminals does Gateway have?

Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport has one terminal with 11 gates. View a map of our terminal here.

Where can I get something to eat?

The terminal features Infusion Coffee and Tea Crafters, Macayo's Mexican Food, Panera Bread, and O.H.S.O. Brewery. Saguaro Mercantile and Trip Advisor feature snacks and grab-and-go options as well. Find more information on the Restaurants and Shops page.

Does Gateway have any shops?

Yes! Passengers can enjoy shopping at First Jet Market at gate 2, Trip Advisor near gate 5, Saguaro Mercantile near gate 7, and Queen Creek Olive Mill in baggage claim. More information can be found on our Restaurants and Shops page.

Can I walk my family member to the gate?

Only passengers with a boarding pass may be screened by TSA and allowed to continue to the gates except individuals given a pass by an airline (ex: to accompany a minor). Please visit your airline's frequently asked questions webpage for more information:

Where do I pick up passengers?

Please park in the Cell Phone Lot located at 5250 South Sossaman Road, Mesa and wait until your passenger is curbside with his/her luggage. Then proceed to the terminal and pull your vehicle up to the curb outside of Baggage Claim where your passenger is waiting. Please do not park on the curb and wait for your passenger to land and get his/her bags as this creates a backlog of vehicles.

Do you have a pet relief area?

We do! Enjoy our Pet Park located in the west courtyard in the South Concourse. View a map of our terminal here.

Is there a place to smoke?

The designated smoking areas for passengers are located in the west courtyard between gates 7 and 8 and in the west courtyard in the South Concourse. Please refer to our terminal map to view the locations.

Is your terminal ADA compliant and can I request assistance?

Yes, our parking lots and terminal building are ADA compliant. You can request assistance from your airline and TSA.

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Do you have long term parking?

We do! Gateway Airport has three convenient parking lots: Hourly Express Lot for short-term and the Daily and Economy Lots for long term. The Economy Lot also has premium covered parking and a free shuttle servicing the entire lot. For more information, visit our Parking page.

How much does parking cost?

The Hourly Parking Lot is $1 / half-hour and is recommended for short-term parking only. The Daily Lot is $13 / day and the Economy Lot is $9 / day with covered parking at $11 / day. The Economy Lot shuttle is free. Our Parking page has more information.

Is there a shuttle?

The Economy Lot has a free shuttle to bring you to and from the terminal.

What hours does the shuttle run?

The Economy Lot shuttle begins service at least two-and-a-half hours prior to the first departure of the day and continues service until one-and-a-half hours after the last checked baggage is delivered in baggage claim for the last flight of the day.

How long can I leave my car?

You can leave your vehicle up to 90 days in either the Daily Lot or Economy Lot. If you need to leave your vehicle longer than 90 days, please contact Airport Operations at 480-988-7600.

How do I pay for parking?

Pay for your parking with card or cash at the lot exits or at a paystation, or pay using your mobile device by scanning the QR code on your ticket. Full detail on paying for parking can be found on our Parking page.

Can I reserve a parking spot in advance?

We do not currently offer advance reservations for parking.

When do I pay for parking?

Parking is paid when you depart the airport and can be done at a paystation in the terminal or Economy Lot, on your mobile device by scanning the QR code on your ticket, or at the lot's exit. Rates are accrued each half-hour, so pay for parking once you have your luggage so you can exit the lot before accruing additional charges.

Can I park on the curb to pick up a passenger?

No parking is allowed along the curb in front of the terminal. The curb is for immediate drop-off or pick-up only. If your passenger is not waiting on the curb with his/her luggage, then park in our Cell Phone Lot located at 5250 South Sossaman Road. If you would like to go inside baggage claim to greet your passenger, park in the Hourly Parking Lot directly in front of the terminal.

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Lost and Found

Who do I contact about a lost item?

With multiple companies operating out of our passenger terminal, it is important you contact the correct company's lost and found department to locate your item.

  • For items lost in the terminal building, parking lots, or shuttle, visit our Lost and Found page and complete the form. If you still have questions, call the lost and found hotline at 480-988-7565.
  • Items lost in the TSA Security Checkpoint, call TSA at 602-626-1453 or complete their online form.
  • For items left on the aircraft, please contact your airline:

I left a message about my lost item but haven't heard back.

Gateway Airport's hotline is reviewed every day and your call will be returned if we have your item. Please be sure to leave a good phone number when leaving a message.

Can I drive to the terminal to pick up my lost item?

Please wait for a phone call from airport staff with further instructions on picking up your item. Airport lost and found is not located at the terminal. If you lost an item on the aircraft or have a luggage issue, your airline will be in contact with instructions to pick up your item.

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Transportation and Rental Cars

How late are the rental car counters open?

For the most accurate hours of operation, please contact your rental car company directly. In general, the rental car companies located in the terminal are open 30 minutes prior to the first flight until 30 minutes after the last scheduled arrival of the day. If your flight is delayed, please contact your rental car company. Advanced reservations are always recommended.

What rental car companies are located at Gateway?

Gateway currently has Alamo National, Enterprise, and Hertz located on-site in baggage claim. View more information on our Transportation and Rental Cars page.

Can I get an Uber or Lyft at Gateway?

Yes, both ride share companies are contracted to serve Gateway's passengers. Download the app to request a pick-up or drop-off or call 1-833-USE-UBER to schedule with Uber. Pick-ups have a designated location on the curb between baggage claim and the rental ready lot.

Do you have a shuttle that goes to Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport?

View a list of transportation companies approved to operate at Gateway Airport on our Transportation and Rental Cars page. Contact the individual providers directly for more information on service areas.

Is there public transportation to/from Gateway Airport?

Yes, Valley Metro route 184 Power Rd drops off / picks up right in from of the terminal. View route information on Valley Metro's website.

Do any of the local hotels have a shuttle to and from Gateway Airport?

Yes! You can view hotel shuttle information on our Transportation and Rental Cars page.

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I don't have my ID, can I still fly?

Find more information on getting through the TSA Security Checkpoint without your ID on TSA's website.

Do I need a star on my driver's license to travel?

Not at this time, however, you will beginning May 7, 2025. Visit our Travel ID page for more information. We highly suggest you get yours now!

What kind of identification should I bring for my child?

Visit TSA's website for more information on identification for children.

I left something in the security checkpoint area, how do I get it back?

Leave a message on TSA's lost and found hotline at 602-626-1453 or complete their online form.

Can I bring food or a beverage through TSA?

Check out TSA's comprehensive list of food and beverages allowed. Gateway Airport has water bottle refill stations at the gates.

How do I know if I can bring something through TSA?

View TSA's What Can I Bring? page for more information.

Can I contact a TSA representative located at Gateway Airport?

While you can't speak with a TSA representative at Gateway Airport, TSA has many ways you can get in touch with them. AskTSA is available on Twitter, Facebook, and Apple messages. Other options are available as well. Visit the TSA Customer Service page for more information.

Do you have TSA PreCheck® at Gateway?

We do! Allegiant is a participating airline in the TSA PreCheck® program. Apply, renew, and find more information on the TSA PreCheck® page.

What time does the security checkpoint open?

TSA opens the security checkpoint two hours prior to scheduled departures.

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Airlines and Flights

Is my flight on time?

You can check the status of your flight here or with your airline directly.

How much do tickets cost?

Ticket cost varies by destination and date. Contact the airline directly for ticket cost information:

Where do you fly?

View our route map on our Airlines and Destinations page.

How early do I have to arrive before my flight?

The airlines recommend two hours before your scheduled departure. Allow extra time if you plan to park at Gateway.

My flight was cancelled. How do I book a new flight or get a refund?

Your airline should provide information in an email, otherwise you will need to contact your airline directly.

What are the bag dimensions and weight limits for checked and carry on bags?

Bag dimensions and weight limits vary by airline, so please visit your airline's website for details.

How do I fly with an animal?

Requirements, fees, and the process of traveling with an animal vary by airline. Please review your airlines website for more information.

Can I purchase tickets at the terminal?

Allegiant sells tickets at their counter on Sundays between 12:00pm and 1:00pm.

Can I add a carry on or checked bag at the airport and how much does it cost?

Find more information on your airline's baggage policies on their website:

How do I add a lap infant?

Each airline's policy and FAQ on traveling with infants and children can be found below:

What dimensions are allowed for a pet carrier?

Pet carrier requirements vary by airline. Please review your airlines website for more information.

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